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I know dear, thats what i'm saying: he have all the right to say no. But no matter how is his day, there's no necessity to being rude, and yes, he was rude with her. First raise his voice is a disrespect. I know, but he is famous, everywhere he is going will have someone following him. Everybody saying 'he is a person, he can make mistakes' ok, so we have accepted that he is a person and is wrong now.

you don’t even know if it was as bad as she said it was? And he kinda had to raise his voice if she just won’t listen :) We obv don’t agree and that is fine but him saying stop and raising his voice so she gets it is not rude. He didn’t tell her to “fuck off” he didn’t actually do anything WRONG. And it wasn’t a mistake simple as that. And if any of the other boys would’ve done it i would say the exact same :) Following someone is wrong, not accepting a no is wrong. Trying to get a message across is not wrong. have a nice day. xx

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I hate it when people stalk celebrities. It makes me so uncomfortable.

What makes me uncomfortable is when people find harry and go “harry pls i waited so long for this, harry i am here for 5 hours, i had to come here i live really far away only for you so take a picture with me” because it will make him feel so guilty you know? And people always do that. They won’t give him a choice then. If i know that meeting/following a celeb means i will most likely get a picture but i know the person doesn’t want to and i will make them feel bad then i won’t do it. x

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People are going to push, push, and push Harry until he isn’t nice anymore, and when that happens it’s going to be so awful and it’s going to be all the fans’ fault. DO NOT STALK HIM. BE POLITE. MIND YOUR DAMN MANNERS. LEARN, COMPREHEND, AND PRACTICE PERSONAL BOUNDARIES. STALKING IS ILLEGAL AND DOESN’T BECOME NOT ILLEGAL WHEN THE PERSON IS FAMOUS.